My name is Dave Woodley. I started Wooders Garage back in 2004, specialising in the importing and supply of Jeep Parts to the Australian market.

Over the years we’ve dealt with a LOT of different companies, we’ve seen a lot of products that work and a lot that don’t. We’ve seen a lot of issues with parts from the US market – for example Right Hand Drive fitment, Standards (ie non ADR), Supply, Shipping, Warranty and even simple pricing inconsistencies.

Then frustrated by the unfair playing field of GST and even simply competing again big online companies , we’ve taken a decision to focus our attention on locally produced and custom produced products. The other focus was to get back to our personal passion for restoring and customising Jeeps.

Wooders Jp Garage is currently a one man show, so please understand:

  • Do not expect a fancy website – at this stage many of our products for sale online are listed on our Ebay store, Although we do plan to showcase some of the projects and work undertaken here so please keep visiting.
  • Don’t expect me to be sitting at my desk waiting for your call – because I’m just as likely using an angle grinder or welder. Please leave a message if I don’t answer
  • Likewise with emails or private messages, I endeavour to answer them promptly, but I’m rarely at my desk during business hours so please be patient.

If you want a catalogue built Jeep that looks like every other camry on the road go see one of the big franchise shops. I am a Jeep enthusist and, to me,  a unique Jeep is just that.

What we are currently working on is a range of Australian designed and built parts that we hope you’ll like. Please also check back to see some of our projects that I am working on.


Dave Woodley

Wooders Jp Garage